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A short review on the 2 of the LUX* resorts… My trip this year went to Île de la Réunion and Mauritius. The contrast could not be greater! The first island is a successful mix between France and Africa. The second island has evolved from a colonial France – England and looks very Indian. Both worth a visit, each in their own way! I stayed in 3 hotels on Île de la Réunion and 1 hotel in Mauritius.On both islands I stayed in one of the LUX * resorts; LUX * Saint-Gilles-des-Bains on Île de la Réunion and the LUX * Grand Gaube on Mauritius. LUX * resorts are quiet exclusive hotels in the Indian Ocean. The LUX* concept is just fantastic! Uniform in luxury but each with his on island style!

IMG_7708 1. LUX* Grand Gaube *****

Truly an outstanding hotel! Location, location, location, that’s important. And wow! What a location. The resort is on a small peninsula surrounded by azure blue water and it has even its own beautiful private beaches!

The rooms are comfortable and have balconies with great sea views. I thought the rooms need a small refurbishment, it looked a bit ‘old’ to me, but still they were clean & spacious! Mauritius doesn’t have many ‘touristic’ sights, except for Pamplemousse and the national park in the south. But no worries, more than enough beautiful beaches on the island. The hotel offers a lot of activities too! Water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, a gym and a spa are some things you can try. There are a few restaurants & bars to choose from at the hotel. ‘The kitchen’ is the main buffet restaurant and tries to stay original each day with its ‘theme’ buffets. But there’s also ‘The Beach’ (Mediterranean), ‘Abalone’ (seafood) and ‘Banyan’. Just make your reservations on time! They’re relatively small, so they’re rather quickly fully booked. They serve all good food, world-class food even! A big asset for the hotel is definitely the professional staff. They’re extremely friendly and hospitable. Strange how they keep up their smiles while some guest are annoying and arrogant against them.

It’s a splendid hotel and I had an excellent stay. Definitely worth every penny!

link:  http://www.luxresorts.com/en/hotel-mauritius/luxgrandgaube

2. LUX* Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains *****

Also a splendid luxury hotel! Same here, great location! The resort is right on the beach and is surrounded by a beautiful and tropical garden. Its location is perfect to explore the island’s beautiful nature and its capital city, Saint-Denis.

The hotel has a great sense of style. First of all it has a beautiful creole architecture! And second, the spacious rooms are very comfortable and are designed by the famous interior designer. The resort has many facilities and organizes a lot of activities too. There is a big pool, tennis courts, a gym and many more. Like the other LUX* resort, it has a few restaurants and bars. ‘La Cuisine’, the biggest has every day a varied buffet. I really liked ‘La Plage’! This à-la-carte restaurant offers great food. I liked the fact you can dinner on the beach itself, with your feet in the sand! I enjoyed the food very much there. It’s the ‘exceptional luxury island dinning experience’! The third restaurant was closed during our stay. One of the LUX* principles is hospitality, because this resort has also a friendly and helpful staff!

If you want to go to this extraordinary and amazing island, book this resort. You won’t regret it!

link:   http://www.luxresorts.com/en/hotel-reunion/luxiledelareunion


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